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Leni Framed 2.jpg

While we take pride in offering canvases that are beautifully painted, nothing compares to the "WOW!" factor that happens once a design has been transformed with needle and thread. We hope you find inspiration through the work of the  talented needlepointers credited below.

We believe we have obtained permission to post each of these finished needlepoint images to our website. If you have questions regarding any of the images posted in this gallery, please contact us through our Facebook page "Painted Pony Needlepoint Designs"

Leni the Swan, stitched by Amy Bunger as a home study class was featured on the back cover of Needlepointers in 2023.

Pony World.jpg
DS-SS02 stitched by Lisa Coffin, stitch guide by Carolyn Hedge Baird.jpg
DK-SP05 stitched by Polly Vaughn, stitch
Cover - Diane Ulmer Pedersen.jpg
LL-CK02 Love the Wine Your With stitched by Alexis, photo courtesy of Stitch by Stitch (NY
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