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Mary Charles / gallery
MC-CL02 Tree Farm stitched by Pamela Ellsworth stitch guide by Sherry Bray framed by New C

Exquisite framing adds elegance to this winter scene stitched by Pamela Ellsworth..

While we take pride in offering canvases that are beautifully painted, nothing compares to the "WOW!" factor that happens once a design has been transformed with needle and thread.

Be "wowed" by these Mary Charles designs stitched by the talented needlepointers credited below!

MC-HS05 Hans Herr House stitched by Carol Graham stitches by Pat Young of Stitches Unlimit
stitched: Carol Graham sg: Pat Young

MC-BN05 Star Barn stitched by Carol Graham stitch guide by Pat Youg.jpg
stitched: Carol Graham sg: Pat Young

MC-CS03 Central Marekt stitched by Carol Graham stitch guide by Pat Young.jpg
MC-LS02 stitched & stitch guide by Lynn
stitched: Lynn Elbert
sg: Lynn Elbert

MC-CH01 Morning Church stitched by Sharyn Robinson, guide by Carolyn Baird.jpg
stitched: Sharyn Robinson
SG: Carolyn Baird
MC-SS02 Seaside Cottage stitched by Carol Duff, stitch guide by Patricia Sone, framed at D
stitched: Carol Graham sg: Pat Young

Kristal Herrick.jpg
stitched: Kristal Herrick
sg: Laura Taylor
finishing: Golden Threads (NY)
homestead winter welcomee.jpg
stitched: Teresa Swiecicki of Homestead Needle Arts (MI)
sg: Sherry Bray
framing: Meadowbrook Art Center
stitched:: Carol Duff
sg: Patricia Sone
framed: Dutch Art Gallery (TX)
stitched:: Carol Graham
class: Pat Young
framed: Stitches Unltd (PA)
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