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Patricia Sone teaching ME-FL01 at Absolutely Needlepoint.jpg

Patricia Sone first introduced a stitch guide for Mary Englebreit's Little Flower Pot as a class at Destination: Dallas and then taught the design at shops, such as she is doing here at Absolutely Needlepoint in Ohio.

Complimentary Guides via PDF downloads

A list of complimentary guides created for specific canvases by Painted Pony for PPD, Angels, Kollected Works, and Petei.

Purchase from PPD via your favorite shop

We keep many guides written by stitch guide authors and teachers in stock. Purchase these guides by ordering them through your favorite needlepoint shop.

Whether you pick stitches out of a book, use a stitch guide as you journey through a design, or stitch your entire canvas in relaxing basketweave, needlepoint is a wonderful way to express yourself creatively! If you are a needlepoint newbie or just want to indulge in a set of instructions with stitch and thread suggestions already laid out for you, check out our stitch guide resources.

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A resource list of guides available for purchase from your favorite needlepoint shop, or in some cases, directly from the author themselves.

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